Saturday, 18 April 2015

Azuki Beans: Benefits and Uses

Azuki beans or adzuki beans are one of the most eminent beans found in parts of Japan. It is red in color and often people mix rice with it. It is often used for medicinal purpose. Azuki beans are more than five millimeter long. Some time it is used for preparation of sweet meals, snacks and varied range of cuisine. One can prepare bean jam with the help of it.

Azuki Beans
Azuki Beans

Azuki Beans contain high nutritional value:

These beans are rich in mineral and it has a high nutritional value. It exhibits rich amount of magnesium, potassium, folic acid and high content of zinc. In addition to this it contains materials like carbohydrates, dietary fiber, folate, and huge amount of calorie. It is free from fat content. One cup of this bean contains only few gram of fat. It is rich in fiber and calorie. On the other hand it is a perfect menu for high protein diets. On the other hand it is rich both in mineral and vitamin content as it contain essential vitamins like calcium, phosphorous, and that of magnesium.

Adzuki Beans for creating culinary dishes:

This bean can be used to create varied range of sweet porridge which is often eaten up with rice. While baking a muffin often these beans are used. Often these adzuki beans are used to create jams of different flavor. Red bean rice is also being made in different parts of Asia which are sumptuous to eat. Azuki bean is often consumed with butter which forms a delicacy in most of Somalia.  In sprouted form it is often boiled with hot tea and coffee like drink. Often it is used in making bean pan cakes. Other than this it is also used to make waffles, and pastries. In Asian countries it is often consumed with rice and also forms a part of Asian delicacy.

Adzuki Beans
Adzuki Beans

Azuki Beans helps to improve ones health:

These beans often have high fiber content and greatly improve the bowel movement. Often it helps to improve ones digestive system thus prevents the problem of constipation. It also prevents problems like colon cancer. As it has high concentration of soluble fiber this bean is regarded to control the cholesterol level. Often it helps to eliminate the problem of cholesterol and toxins. In other word it prevent problems like breast cancer as it kill varied range of cancerous tissues. It also lowers the chances of cancer among women. These types of beans cure bladder infection and urinary dysfunction because of its soluble fiber which is ideal for curing infected bladder and urinary tract.  Last but not the least the beans because of its rich protein content help to keep the sugar level low and simultaneously help to reduce weight.

In conclusion it can be said Azuki Beans Benefits an individual from several types of illness like those of colon cancer and that of urine infection. In one word it also forms an important part of Asian cuisine as it can be consumed with wide variety of dishes and jam can also be made from it.