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Red Kidney Beans Which Tastes Delicious

Red Kidney Beans are known by the name of a common kidney bean. The bean is popularly known as Rajma mostly in Northern part of India were people with the help of this cook a particular dish. On the other hand the bean is also used in various parts in America like those of northern part of Louisiana and some parts of New Orleans.

Red Kidney Beans

Origin of Red kidney Beans:

The beans mainly originated from some parts of Central Mexico and also some parts of Guatemala. The colonists like Spaniards and the Portuguese brought this bean to the European continents. The kidney beans during the colonial periods were used by the sailors for eating purposes as it provided them a lot of protein consequently in this way the bean arrived in some parts of Asia and Africa.

Properties and Usage of Red Kidney Beans:

These beans are popularly known as Rajma and are mostly found in various parts of North India and also across various parts of Louisiana and New Orleans were people use it in dishes like those of Monday Creole dish.

red kidney beans

The kidney beans are regarded as tremendous source of Molybednum, Protein, Phosphorous, and Thiamine. The bean is also rich in soluble dietary fibers along with that the beans do reduces cholesterol, prevent rise in blood sugar level, also the bean is effective for patients suffering from diabetes, insulin resistance, and hypoglycemia. The beans when it is used with rice do provide a high quality of protein. As a word of caution the bean should be cooked by using low heats or else it would have a poisonous effect.

Red Kidney Beans do hold tremendous amount of nutritional values. It also contains a toxic element which might poison it if the beans are cooked for more than 10 minutes. The main producers of this these beans are Brazil, Mexico, India, USA, and China. The beans are mostly consumed by the producer country as the statistics show that more than 85 percent of people consume it. Some of the items that can be made by using the beans include those of Kidney bean salad, chili corn carne, red peas and chatrou along with that the most famous north Indian dish Rajma also include the list.

In conclusion the Red Kidney Beans can be regarded as a food item which is not only delicious to eat but also contains tremendous amount of food values.

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