Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Decorating Home and Garden Using Spider Flower

In today’s days there are various ways to decorate home and garden. The most popular things are various types of flowers those are used to decorate home and garden area. The most unique and beautiful flower is Spider Flower that are used for various purposes. These flowers can be mostly found in America, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. It is an annual growing plant or flower with long 160 centimeters leaves combined with spiral leaves.

Spider Flower
Spider Flower

  • These plants are large and are usually 3 feet to 6 feet long.
  • Spider Flower is an annual plant. It has a life cycle of a year. The ideal place for planting these flowers is outside in a partially shaded or sunny area of a garden.
  • It will grow good in a moisture soil.
  • One should know the fact that it needs to be seedling inside the house and after one and half months it can be put outside.
  • The temperature should be maintained at 21 degrees to 24 degrees.
  • The flower should be planted out with a spacing of about 50 or 60 centimeters from the last frost.
  • It destroys in low temperature. It needs to be put in a warm place.
  • It takes 10 to 14 days to germinate. Till then it can be kept inside.
  • They are easy to handle. They should be fertilized and watered by the time of growing.
  • The best time to sow these flowers is the time from summer to autumn.
  • Spider Flower can be of several colors such as yellow, white, pink, violet and so on.
Spider Flowers
Spider Flowers


Spider Flower can be used to decorate home or garden. As it is a large plant in size it can be used to border the garden. These flowers can be shattered easily after few days. But it typically self-seeds prolifically, so one needs to plant it only once. Due to its surprisingly large thorns, it is best to keep them away from walking passages or somewhere on the way.

Spider Flower is cultivated in the temperate regions as a half hardy annual plant. There are some types of these flowers. Among these one type is popularly known. It is called “Queen” type. The flowers which are different in colors have different names. Such as Violet Queen, Pink Queen, Yellow Queen, White Queen, Rose Queen and such. These flowers are so beautiful and so simple to handle that everyone now is decorating the garden with these flowers.

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