Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Camphor Oil: Uses And Multi Dimensional Properties

Camphor is an extract of Cinnamomum Camphora a plant family and is waxy, white, transparent and terpenoid partially crystalline substance with strong aromatic odor. Also known as true camphor these are toxic in nature and used in vapor therapies for lung disorders. Yellow, brown and white camphor are the three fractions in which this Camphor Oil is produced. White one is among the three is used for vapor therapy because of its clear and fresh smell while the other two are used for aromatherapy because of carcinogenic and toxic nature.

Camphor Oil
Camphor Oil

It has various medicinal uses as well are extensively used by the people of Indian sub-continent for religious purposes. To be noted, one should keep the white oil away from the homeopathic treatment as well as pregnant women as it may lead to skin irritation problems.

Some of The Beneficial Use of Camphor Oil:

Camphor oil is used both as anti-bacterial as well as antiseptic solutions for curing wounds and disorders. Known to be wonderful relaxant it helps in calming depression and nerve disorders in patient. One can also use this for gentle massage that will help in reliving sore joints and muscles thus acting as a remedy for pain. As good for skin it is used as a constituent for beauty and skin care products offering acne relief. Homemade soap made out of Camphor Oil can be used for preventing the spread of bacteria thus clearing the skin marks. It is also good for heart as it helps in increasing the heart resistance promoting improvement of blood flow and blood circulation.

Camphor Oil Uses
Camphor Oil Uses

However, it is used for various medicinal purposes and treatment therapy for cold, coughs, arthritis, bronchitis, depression, gout, fever, flu, infections, muscular aches, inflammation, oily skin conditions, nervous tension, rheumatism, shock, sprains and their related pains. Last but not the least it can also be used as insecticides, stimulant pesticides and decongestant.

It's Vital Use As A Cure For Hair Fall:

If you are suffering from hair fall because of fungal and bacterial infection then using this oil will be very effective. Besides acting as an antiseptic solution it also plays an important role in fighting with viruses and fungus so as to prevent hair fall and grow nourished and healthy hair. Because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory property it is used for fighting with dandruff and other scalp related problems. Thus one can get this oil from any reputed medical stores at affordable rates as it is famous for its essential properties.

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