Saturday, 3 October 2015

Eat Fresh Strawberries To Stay Healthy

Strawberries are noted for their juicy texture, bright color and aroma. For healthy immune system you can add fresh strawberries in smoothies or in salads. This helps us to keep us safe from influenza and colds. The fruit is popular due to its low calorie content so it is better to eat strawberries than cookies or pies. The fruit is considered as a good source of different vitamins such as vitamin C, B5, B6, riboflavin and K. Significant levels of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients can be also found in this fruit.


Fresh strawberries contain phenols which protect our heart, lower inflammation and prevent cancer. Vitamin C and anti oxidants help to combat the free radicals. These are considered as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, copper and manganese. You can reduce macular degeneration if you take at least three strawberries daily. These even protect us against arthritis.

Fresh Strawberries

You can have this fruit with chocolate cream or fresh cream and you can add them to salads. Some of us also use this fruit to make pie and ice cream. In whichever form you serve this fruit, you will still enjoy the delicious and healthy benefits associated with it. To keep the fruit fresh you should first remove the damaged and the moldy ones. Keep the good strawberries inside a sealed container in layers. Keep the container properly in the refrigerator and try to freeze the fruits to keep them fresh for months. Before storing these fruits never wash them.

You can buy fresh strawberries from whole sellers and traders. There are even companies whom you can contact to get such fresh fruits. These companies use special packing methods which keep the fruits fresh. You can purchase strawberries through online sources and avail discounts.

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