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Yellow Daisy Flower Helps To Cure Illness

Yellow Daisy Flower is often grown in various parts of Europe mostly in the northern part of Europe. It is often known as Asteraceae. It is often composed of yellow petal. This flower can grow up to the height of three feet and the depth of this flower is around one by sixteen inch. This yellow daisy flower is known by the name of black eyed Susan.

Yellow Daisy Flower
Yellow Daisy Flower

Information Regarding Yellow Daisy Flower

The flower often serves as a symbol of encouragement and is often gifted as a bouquet. The bouquet of this flower can last for ten days or so. It takes thirty days of germination and it often blooms in varied sizes when the plant automatically grows up. Some time it is known as Maryland state flower. This flower is not just made up of one flower but of disk floret and petal like white ray florets. The floret of this flower is arranged in such a pattern that they give the impression of being a single flower. The flower often grows in dry soil and in sunny condition. This daisy are common and often grows in roadside and do require care. They are regarded as wild flower which is hardy. The leaf structure of this daisy is smooth and hairy narrow at the base and slightly lobed. The bunch of this flower is longer. It is basically an inflorescence known by the name of capitulum.

Yellow Daisy Flowers
Yellow Daisy Flowers

Uses of Yellow Daisy Flower

This flower is regarded as one of the beautiful flower which is suitable for gardening. It is a flower which is often used for gifting purpose and is often found in the form of bouquet. It also has various ornamental values. More often it is used as a potherb or like a vegetable which is some time cooked and eaten raw due to its delicious flavor. Some time it is used while preparing salad. The bud and petal is often eaten with sandwich.  Some time it is used as insect repellent.

Medical Usage of Yellow Daisy Flower

This flower has varied range of medical uses. It is more often used to cure harmful diseases like cancer and treat digestive imbalances such as that of emollient, expectorant, and as laxative. Some uses this flower in the form of tonic such as that of ophthalmic and for purgative uses. Some time it used to treat numerous illnesses. Often it is used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, liver and kidney disorder problem. Some where it is used for purification of blood. If an individual chew a daisy flower it often treat problems like mouth ulcer. Apart from this it has got homeopathic remedy and has wide application and endless usage. It also cures harmful diseases like breast and colon cancer. Last but not the least when applied to any injury it often cure bruises, cuts, and can be used for the purpose of ointment.

In conclusion it can be summed up daisy has wide range of application and are often regarded as vegetable and can be used as a homeopathic medicine.

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